Get up late.

Spend your day in a constant state of running behind, hurry, anxiety, anger, sadness or frustration.

Drink coffee.

Drink alcohol.

Take drugs (take cocaine if you want lifelong insomnia).

Eat a big dinner, late. Go to bed with it still in your stomach.

Spend your evening winding up the agitation instead of winding it down – work, video games, upbeat or angry music, TV thriller/horror/violence/murders/‘dark and gritty’ shows, or party mode.

Start dreading a ‘bad night’ before you go to bed.

Spend the time just before bed or in bed on your phone or tablet, scrolling orflicking through one thing to the next, engaging eyes and brain in reacting to information/emotions/conversations with the world. This will keep even the best sleepers awake.

Leave no gap between doing life and closing your eyes during which to unwind and process your day.

Don’t organise mentally for the next day before bed but instead start worrying and planning when you close your eyes.


If you are spending your nights in a state of habitual agitation it might be time for a reset with hypnosis.