- Dr Julie Kidd

Dr. Julie Kidd – Canberra GP Hypnotherapist

Hi, I’ve been a doctor for 40 years. In that time, I’ve practised in public hospitals, as a country GP, holistic GP, in heart disease prevention, and in an obesity clinic.

Seventeen years ago, I went to a medical hypnosis training course for GPs. The doctor who was teaching needed a subject to demonstrate on, so I brought my 10-year-old son, who had debilitating insomnia, to class. After just 2 sessions, the misery was over. After ten years of exhaustion, my son could just go to bed and go to sleep. I was so amazed that this was possible, easy and life-changing that I decided do this too and help relieve the suffering of others with intractable problems.

Some people will heal or change themselves, simply taking themselves as the authority in their own lives. They know what they want, decide to do what needs to be done and they have the inner resources to do whatever it takes. However, many of us need a little help.

Most of us know what we “should” do, but we can’t find the energy, the will or even the sense that it’s possible to change. We waste our lives and our energy on rumination about the past, fears about the future, repetitive thought patterns, unhelpful habits and beliefs and self-criticism.

Using hypnosis we can re-gather the power of mind, body and spirit into a unified force for change.

Qualifications and Credentials

M.B., B.S. Dip. RACOG


Accredited Mental Health Care Provider with Medicare

Cert. Clinical Hypnosis (CBT-FPS)

3x Cert. Advanced Clinical Hypnosis

Diploma Clinical Hypnosis (CBT-FPS)

Member Australian Society of Psychological Medicine

All achievements are from habits. All failures are from habits.

Learn to use the power of your heart and mind to make better choices